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In Nicaragua small coffee farmers produce the finest coffees


Nicaragua has some of the finest specialty/gourmet coffees that grows on high altitudes. You will find Nicaragua SHG and/or EP. SHG stands for ‘Strictly High Grown’ and the high altitudes and low temperatures let the cherries mature slower. EP stands for European Preparation which means the beans are extra sorted before they export the beans. This way only the best green beans are exported.

In Nicaragua you will find Associations that assist small coffee farmers with producing a sustainable and traceable product that’s profitable. This way the small coffee farmers can produce Nicaragua finest coffees. You see a lot of wet processing and natural fermentation. The excellent coffee growing regions and the beans they produce are recognized by a lesser acidity than other Central American coffees. Apart from that they are very well balanced by a mild body and wonderful aroma.

This coffee can be certified by Fairtrade and Organic. Fairtrade helped Nicaragua a lot after the civil wars, to produce coffee again. The farmers get a minimum price for their coffee and in this way the farmer can invest in their land and support their children. Nicaraguan coffee growers are located in difficult area’s to reach and with giving the farmers these supports it’s helps them fight the poverty.


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