You won’t regret buying this coffee
The quality is outstanding and one of a kind.


General Info:

In Kenya you will find mainly small/medium farms or Estates that are connected to Cooperation’s/Exporters. Kenya AA is the highest rated coffee and you will find this coffee in a lot of Specialty/Gourmet coffee lines. There are two ways of buying coffee in Kenya: One is through farms and own harvest and the other more common way is through the weekly auction where the highest bid gets the coffee. Before each auction the coffee samples from the producers are presented to the exporters that are member of the Nairobi Coffee Exchange.

The auction house serves as a place where buyers can buy small quantities of certain qualities, the highest bidder gets the coffee. This auction is on a weekly basis, the week prior to the auction is used to prepare yourself which coffees are going to show on the auction and which coffees comply to your interest. Therefore you arrive prepared to the auction house and you know exactly which coffees you need to buy.

The total Kenyan production lies around 750.000 bags on average per year, but the better/top qualities are more scarce. They expect a higher price for upcoming crops for top quality coffees.

But you won’t regret buying this coffee, the quality is outstanding and one of a kind. Since Kenyan coffee grows on a high altitude the beans mature slower and this allows flavors to develop more intense. This is why the notes can be described as a coffee with a full body, intense flavors like lemon and red fruit, blackberry and black current that gives sweetness and a pleasant acidity.

Crowing Region’s:  

Around Mount Kenya you will find the high plateaus where the coffee growing region is surrounded. The region goes from Mount Kenya all the way south to the capital Nairobi. This is the biggest coffee area, you will find another smaller coffee growing area around Mount Elgon that’s nearby the border of Uganda. The altitudes are 1400 M – 2000 M above sea level.

The red volcanic soils, stable climate, and ideal amount of sunlight together with some wonderful varietals like SL28, SL34, Ruiri 11, and African K7 make this coffee one of the world’s best premium gourmet coffees. The process method’s in Kenya are also quite unique and makes this coffee special.


The quality/hygiene protocols for every farm or estate are very high. The cherries are always handpicked and once entering the pulping machine, the machine separates the cherries automatically based on quality. This is the first mechanical selection. Next comes the fermentation process which can take to 36 hours, this is to remove the coating. The second selection is during the drying process.  The parchment will be sun dried on the drying tables where they turn the beans regularly. The drying stations are separated on quality, meaning the lowest qualities dry together and the highest qualities together When it’s al dried the coffee is ready to go in the bags and sent out.

Tinganga Estate Coffee

Kiambu East District of Kiambu County

Wet processing and sun drying on tables

Very bold beans with over 18% AA in an average lot


Not available
Farm name
Tinganga Estate
Kiambu East District (Bordering Nairobi)
Ruiru 11
About 1,800 M above sea level
Full body and sweet flavor
Very good acidity
Other notes
Red fruity notes
Per request
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