About us

Douqué was founded in 1895 and the fourth generation is now active in the family company, which has a long history whereby Douqué has specialised in the import and export of green coffee. This history contributes to an unparalleled knowledge of the product and many good relationships with producers and customers. These relationships rely upon the good business sense and excellent service of Douqué Group in which a sincere, sustainable and traceable way of doing business is the key.

The passion for coffee and social responsibility forms the basis for the high quality Douqué Specialty Coffee range. Within the long history in the green coffee trade Douqué is involved in several social projects in origin country’s. There we work close together with selected groups of coffee growers to obtain quality, transparency and sustainability.

In Colombia this even resulted in our own dry mill: Mild Coffee Company Huila. From here we supply our own Colombian Specialty coffee and Microlots and through our own social projects and assistance we improve the lives of the small coffee growers in Colombia. Find more info about Colombia and other origins in the origin page.


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